Prior to the Boise Goathead Festival on August 2nd and 3rd, we’re hosting a signup for the parade to benefit Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SWIMBA).

All rides are FREE to join and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Ride your bike to Mad Swede! (or drive on over if you just want to sign up for the parade and help SWIMBA)

WHERE: Meet at Boise Bicycle Project to ride to Mad Swede! This ride is 6.3 miles, so please be prepared. We know you bicyclists are up for it though!

WHEN: We will be leaving BBP BY 12:30pm, if you’d like to join the Social Ride make sure your power pedals are up by then!

WHY: To register parade goers under SWIMBA! DID YOU KNOW? Funds given to nonprofits from the festival are determined by parade registrations! Do you want to help support SWIMBA? Come on down and register under their name!

You don’t have to ride your bike, just get to Mad Swede any way you can to support SWIMBA!