Nice! Cool Beans! Improv ComedyCome laugh with Austin Von Johnson and Bree Jones the Boise improv comedy duo: Nice! Cool Beans!
Sometimes it’s stand up. Sometimes it’s improv. And it’s ALWAYS a good time.
Austin and Bree have been doing improv together since 2018 after meeting in Boise’s Funniest Person. This bff comedy duo has a dynamic that brings hilarious twists and turns to a stories they make up right there on the spot! But they can’t do that alone, they need suggestions from YOU the audience.
Plus, both are stand up comedians you can find touring the Treasure Valley and Western US. Look up Bree Jones @breeamused or Austin Von Johnson @4ustinvon to keep up with all their upcoming 2022 shows.
Every Nice! Cool Beans! is a different show. Enjoy this comedy duo again and again.