Fresh Hop!

Fresh Cashmere Hops

Fresh hop Lost Viking Tropical IPA is now available exclusively in our tasting room on south Cole Road! This beer is our Lost Viking with a twist. It features fresh Cashmere hops grown by Gooding Farms.

The morning of the brew, Jerry and his assistant Mike got the mash cooking, while Cody drove out to Mill 95 and waited for the hops to arrive. As soon as he had the fresh hops in hand, Cody rushed them back to Mad Swede. We made hop tea bags and combined them with the boiling wort. Then magic happened!

Watch our mini-documentary for a behind-the-scenes peek of fresh hop day at Mad Swede. After you’ve watched, come on in to our tasting room for a pint of this limited release Lost Viking tropical IPA!


Brewnomics Interview

Want to learn more about Mad Swede Brewing Company? Our very own Eric Larson (and his faithful sidekick Tex) had a fun interview with the awesome folks at Brewnomics. Click the photo to jump on over to YouTube and give it a listen.

Eric Larson of Mad Swede and the Brewnomics crew

Mercedes Benz of Boise Toasts Mad Swede

The awesome folks at Mercedes Benz of Boise wrote a nice blog post about Mad Swede Brewing. Click the photo to jump on over to their website and see what they had to say.

We’re coming for you, Boise!

We’re so excited to announce our grand opening party, happening October 15th from 4pm – midnight. Join us for snacks, amazing beer, raffles, games, live music, and more. The brewery will be open from 2pm to 2am, and events begin at 4. Be sure to follow us on social media (@madswedebrewing) for updates.

The Brewery and Tasting Room are Taking Shape

The design is jumping off the pages and into reality! We’ve been busy in the brewery and tasting room building walls. A few weeks ago, our wonderful nephew, niece and her boyfriend drove all the way from Eugene to pitch in and help build our grain crush room and frame up the bar area and bathroom privacy wall. Justin, Annalisa and Mack were a great help and it was fun having them here. Continue Reading

Where we’re at in the process of opening Mad Swede Brewing…

As it happens, it takes a while to build a brewery even if you’re not starting from the ground up. We’ve been a “Brewery in Planning” for a few years now.

Continue Reading
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