Josiah Boornazian holds a saxophone and stares into the camera.

World class jazz music arrives in the heart of downtown Boise at the Mad Swede Brew Hall.

Boise based pianist Alex Sjobeck has toured all over the nation, and is now expertly curating professional jazz ensembles for your listening pleasure. On Saturday, July 13th, Salt Lake City-based saxophonist Josiah Boornazian joins bassist Josh Skinner, percussionist Parker Swenson, and pianist Alex Sjobeck for a memorable night of hard swinging yet intimate jazz. They all bring years of experience of performance and composition to the band stand and have received many awards for their work in the genre. Collectively, they have performed at some of the world’s top jazz clubs and have a rich past of being a part of some of the country’s most valued jazz scenes including those of New York City, Los Angeles, and Denver.

This professional jazz quartet is not to be missed. When was the last time you heard live jazz music downtown Boise?? This concert makes a perfect date night, with quality craft food and beverage brought to you by Mad Swede. Doors open at 6:00pm with music starting at 7:00pm.