Krystal Moore One Woman Comedy Show
To say that Krystal Moore is a raging feminist is not just accurate, it’s a compliment. Krystal Moore One Woman Comedy ShowKrystal’s comedy Pegs the Patriarchy One Punchline at a Time and Plants ideas in the minds of women… & gender-nonconforming individuals. Seeds that will one day grow into a jungle of hairy women and sexually-ambiguous humans that simply outnumber the patriarchy, leaving the priesthood in the past where it belongs. But this was not always so.
Krystal grew up in Weiser Idaho, the kind of one-stop-light small town that has 50 churches but a limited cheese selection. Despite her small stature, she was always too big for Weiser; her taste in cheese far too vast and expensive. She took the long hard way out, but despite every dumpster fire, street brawl, and economic collapse, she flew… and while flying high above the land she saw how very small and funny we all are. Just a bunch of naked monkeys doing science and farting.
This show is a culmination of all Krystal’s best material, magic, merch, and Moore… who knows what surprise she’s got under her hat.