Midsommar at Mad Swede BrewingOur Midsommar Day Celebration is a Viking-inspired Solstice Party! Dance around the Maypole in a flower crown and enjoy Mythic Mead, live music, water & lawn games and more!
Midsommar is back and even more (sorta) Swedish, with Mad Swede Brewing’s signature blend of authenticity and weirdness. Participate in a millenia-old tradition of celebrating the longest day of the year with loads of BEER and LIVE MUSIC.
No admission fee!
We’ll kick it off at 3:00pm with a Midsommar Fair that will include:
Handmade Craft Fair!
Lawn games!
Flower Crown Making!
Vafler! (❤️-shaped waffles)
Mythic Mead!
Dancing ’round the Maypole!
And more surprises in store! There will be water games during the daytime to keep cool, with campfires, sparklers, and live music at night.
This event is a Norse force to be reckoned with! The Fair will wrap up around 7:30pm with live music starting at 7:00pm. Follow the event on Facebook for updates on what’s to come. Skål!