Stand-up Comedy WorkshopThis 3-hour stand-up comedy workshop is geared toward those wanting to fast-track their skills as a professional comedian or command attention as a presenter.

Learn the basics of comedy so you can:

  • Develop the confidence to be more captivating on stage.
  • Become an effective and entertaining communicator.
  • Turn your true stories and experiences into compelling tools for connection through humor.

In this workshop you will learn some comedy basics, write jokes, and help your fellow classmates punch up their material.

About the Instructor:

Bree has been doing comedy since 2016 and has since traveled the US as a comedian and improviser. She has taught various comedy classes over the past 2 years, and loves seeing the jokes her students come up with. Bree also watches those that took her class and continue to pursue stand-up have a leg up in getting booked on shows.

What you will need:

Come to class with these items to get the most out of it.
  • Pen and Paper (yes, real paper as you will be exchanging work and editing on the fly)
  • Close-toed shoes
  • A list of joke ideas (Not required, but recommended. This can be a funny story from childhood, something weird that happened at work, a love story from those HILARIOUS teen years, or anything you observe.)

Sign Up and Payment:

Of course, you can sign up through eventbrite, or you can email Bree to sign up and she will get you Venmo instructions to avoid fees. breeamused@gmail